Members’ Day: A Forum for Budget Ideas

This week, the House Budget Committee will hold a hearing for members of the U.S. House of Representatives to present their ideas for the fiscal year 2019 budget resolution.

 A Forum for Ideas

According to Section 301(e)(1) of the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974, the Budget Committees are required to “receive testimony from Members of Congress” in developing the annual concurrent resolution on the budget. Each year, this requirement is formally fulfilled through the Members’ Day hearing, which serves as a forum for members to present their legislative priorities and suggest ideas for budget savings.

Importance of Member Input

In order to craft a responsible budget plan, Congress must confront fiscal and economic challenges to achieve balance. According to the Congressional Budget Office, deficits will total $12.4 trillion and the gross national debt will rise to $34 trillion over the next decade—if the current course is unchanged.

While the House Budget Committee is responsible for actually writing the budget and determining a sustainable path forward, the plan is made better and more reflective of the whole House when members participate in the conversation and engage in the process.

Engaging in the FY19 Budget Process 

As work continues on the budget resolution for fiscal year 2019, the Committee encourages members to offer their suggestions for savings in order to achieve balance.

Members who wish to testify this week should contact the Committee’s majority staff at (202) 226-7270 to reserve a time slot.

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