False Attacks on the House Republican Budget

MYTH: The House Republican budget slashes key investments.
FACT: It’s not fair to take more from families to spend more in Washington. The House Republican responsible, balanced budget reforms the federal government so it can deliver on its promises in the 21st century. It cuts spending by ending cronyism and government overreach that have weakened confidence in the nation’s institutions and economy.

MYTH: The House Republican budget tears up the safety net.
FACT: The President’s policies have slowed the recovery and brought us closer to a debt crisis, which would hurt the poor the first and the worst. By contrast, our budget will repair the safety net—and to expand opportunity for all families. Spending would continue to grow, but states would have more flexibility to tailor them to their people’s needs. Those who protect the status quo must answer the 46 million Americans living in poverty.

MYTH: The House Republican budget ends Medicare.
FACT:  The President’s health-care law already broke Medicare’s promise to seniors. Our budget stops Obamacare’s raid on Medicare. And it repeals his board of 15 unelected bureaucrats empowered to cut Medicare—because their cuts could deny care for current seniors. House Republicans have a long-term solution to protect and strengthen Medicare. It makes no changes for those in or near retirement. For future generations, we will offer them a range of plans—including traditional Medicare—from which they can choose. No senior can be denied coverage. Every senior will have the support they need to get the care they deserve. Those who attack this reform without offering a credible alternative are complicit in Medicare’s demise.

MYTH: The House Republican budget protects tax breaks for the rich.
FACT: House Republicans want to clear out special-interest loopholes, simplify the tax code, and lower everybody’s rates. Our plan will help create jobs and increase wages. The House Ways and Means Committee will write a tax-reform bill that specifies how we will simplify the code. We want to reform the tax code to help the economy. We don’t want to raise taxes to pay for more spending. Unfortunately, too many in Washington want to take more from families to spend more in Washington.