A Balanced Budget for a Stronger America

Balances the Budget

  • Balances the budget in less than 10 years without raising taxes, in contrast to the President whose budget never balances
  • Cuts $5.5 trillion in spending – higher than any previous House Budget Committee proposal
  • Calls for a fairer, simpler tax code to promote job creation and a healthy economy
  • Places the country on a path to paying off the debt by growing the economy and making government more efficient, effective and accountable
  • Calls on Congress to pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution

Repeals Obamacare

  • Repeals Obamacare in full – including all of its taxes, regulations and mandates
  • Promotes freedom of choice, affordability, and patient-centered health care solutions
  • Eliminates IPAB, an unelected, unaccountable board of bureaucrats charged with making coverage decisions on health care

Ensures a Strong National Defense

  • Provides for a strong national defense through robust funding of troop training, equipment and compensation
  • Boosts defense spending above the president’s levels while putting in place a plan to responsibly address the current spending caps and the threat of sequester

Secures Our Future

  • Ends the Obamacare raid on Medicare
  • Strengthens Medicare by making structural improvements to save the program
  • Eliminates the “double dipping” of Disability Insurance and Unemployment Insurance
  • Prevents the president’s plan to raid the regular Social Security Trust Fund

Restores Federalism

  • Rejects the notion that Washington knows best and devolves power back to the states
  • Promotes innovation and flexibility for Medicaid, nutrition assistance, education and other programs

Cuts Waste, Corporate Welfare and Improves Accountability

  • Cuts waste, eliminates redundancies and ends the practice of Washington picking winners and losers in our economy
  • Calls for reforms to the regulatory system to improve transparency, efficiency, effectiveness and accountability