‘No Budget. No Priorities. No Restraints.’

Ranking Member Ryan on Democrats’ Unprecedented Budget Failure

WASHINGTON – Since the implementation of the 1974 Budget Act, the House has never failed to pass a budget resolution – until now.  House Democratic leaders announced this morning that they will make no attempt to even propose a budget.  In response to this unprecedented budget failure and efforts to give the appearance of budgeting while sidestepping the tough decisions that budgets require, House Budget Committee Ranking Republican Paul Ryan (WI) issued the following statement:

“House Democrats have offered no budget, no priorities, and no restraints – yet the taxing, spending, and borrowing all continue unchecked.  The unprecedented collapse of the budget process and lack of spending restraint undermines economic growth and job creation, fuels our dependence on foreign creditors, and accelerates our fiscal day of reckoning here at homeA clear signal is being sent to American families struggling to meet their own budgets – and to those financing this borrowing binge – that Washington still doesn’t recognize the severity of our fiscal and economic challenges.  Washington needs to wake up.”

 Additional key points to consider:

–       A “deeming resolution” is not a budget.  A “deemer” does not set priorities; it does not align overall spending, tax, deficit, and debt levels; and it does nothing to address the runaway spending of Federal entitlement programs.  Instead of enforceable restraints and tough decisions, the Majority intends to give a green light to the Appropriators for the spending spree to continue.

–       This year’s budget collapse is an unprecedented failure.  Even when previous Congresses have failed to pass budget conference reports, the House always completed and passed its own budget resolution.  Not only will House Democrats fail to pass a budget resolution, they will make no attempt to even propose a budget.

–       The latest in a string of alarming fiscal abuses.  Since January 2009, the President has signed into law $1.8 trillion in new spending and $670 billion in new taxes.  The Federal budget deficit has expanded to $1.5 trillion and total debt recently eclipsed $13 trillion.  The Majority’s pay-as-you-go charade has been circumvented at least 14 times in the 111th Congress, adding hundreds of billions of dollars to the deficit.  The abuse of the budget reconciliation process made possible the passage of the Majority’s health care overhaul.

–       A failure to budget exacerbates looming fiscal crisis. The Democrats’ failure to budget and get spending under control would be a disaster at any time – a staggering abdication of a fundamental act of governing. It is acutely problematic now, with the Nation facing dire fiscal and economic challenges.