Ryan Statement on Efforts to Restrain the Explosive Growth of Government Spending

Washington – Affirming the House Republicans’ commitment to cut government spending and help spur economic growth and job creation, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan issued the following statement:

“There is no retreat from House Republicans’ pledge to cut spending.  To be clear, House Republicans will vote to cut their own budgets by 5 percent this week.  Next week, we will vote to cut trillions of dollars in government spending by repealing the President’s health care law.  In addition to these immediate steps, we will clean up the fiscal wreckage left by House Democrats, setting spending limits for the remainder of FY2011 at pre-stimulus, pre-bailout levels for non-security discretionary spending.  The House Budget Committee will put forth a budget resolution this spring for FY2012 that puts our budget on the path to balance and helps get our economy on the path to prosperity.  Today marks a fresh start in charting a new course, as House Republicans continue their efforts to change Washington’s pervasive culture of spending.”