House Budget Committee Takes First Step on The Path to Prosperity

Committee votes to advance bold budget resolution

Washington – Earlier this evening, the House Budget Committee voted to advance a budget resolution that helps spur job creation, stops spending money that the government doesn’t have, and lifts the crushing burden of debt from the backs of the next generation. The House Budget Committee’s Fiscal Year 2012 Budget Resolution was approved by a vote of 22 to 16, with all members of the Majority voting in support of the resolution.

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul D. Ryan made the following statement after the Committee’s vote:

“Today the House Budget Committee offered leadership for America. In sharp contrast to the empty promises and diminished future offered by the President’s budget, the budget advanced by the Committee charts a path to prosperity and a secure future for our exceptional nation.

“Instead of locking in the spending spree of the last two years, this budget cuts $6.2 trillion in spending from the President’s budget over the next ten years. Instead of letting deficits spiral out of control, it reduces this year’s $1.6 trillion deficit by one-third and puts an end to the era of trillion-dollar deficits. Instead of adding $13 trillion to the debt over the next decade and trillions more in years to come, as the President’s budget does, this Path to Prosperity budget takes the steps necessary to avert a debt crisis and provides job creators with the confidence they need to start hiring today.

“Elected leaders owe it to future generations to preserve this nation’s exceptional promise, because that is exactly what previous generations of Americans worked so hard to do for us. We have a legacy to fulfill. It is time for all of us to get to work, put an end to the empty promises, and advance a path to prosperity.”