Ryan Supports Historic Spending Cut; Calls For Budget Debate Country Deserves

Budget Chairman continues to advance The Path To Prosperity

Washington – House Budget Committee Paul Ryan of Wisconsin issued the following statement in support of legislation to cut spending now and help grow the economy:

“I applaud the leadership of Speaker Boehner in securing tens of billions of dollars in spending cuts, forcing the President and his party’s leaders to retreat from their reckless spending spree.  The historic spending cut turns the page from Washington’s pervasive culture of spending, sending a welcome signal to job creators and cleaning up the unprecedented budget mess left by the last Congress.

“There is no question more work is needed to restrain the explosive growth of government and spur sustained economic growth and job creation. Last week, the House Budget Committee advanced a new budget for the United States government – The Path to Prosperity – that will move the debate in Washington from billions in spending cuts to trillions.  Later this week, the House of Representatives will consider this budget, which cuts $6.2 trillion in spending over the next decade and helps restore America’s exceptional promise.

I’m encouraged to see the House Republicans’ leadership advance a budget debate our country deserves.  The President, having already put forward an irresponsible budget, has failed to lead on fixing our fiscal problems. I remain hopeful that the President’s remarks on Wednesday will provide more than empty rhetoric and empty promises.  If the President does choose to follow our lead with serious proposals that address the drivers of our debt, save our health and retirement security programs, and remove the anchors holding back our economy, the door is open.

“We need a clean break from the politics of the past.  Leaders from both sides of the aisle will need to work together to put the budget on the path to balance and the economy on the path to prosperity.”