House Budget Committee Votes To Advance FY2013 Path to Prosperity

WASHINGTON – Moments ago, the House Budget Committee advanced a Fiscal Year (FY) 2013 budget resolution that cuts government spending, repairs the safety net, and lifts the crushing burden of debt. The FY2013 budget resolution is expected to be considered on the House floor next week.

Following passage of the resolution, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan issued the following statement:

“Elected representatives have a solemn obligation to help ensure that our children have more opportunity and inherit a stronger America than our parents gave us. The Democrat-controlled Senate has failed to pass a budget in over 1,000 days, while the President still refuses to offer credible solutions to the most predictable economic crisis in our history. Empty promises from Washington won’t pay our bills, strengthen our health and retirement programs, fix our economy or create jobs. Such irresponsibility will, however, lead to a debt crisis that will fundamentally change America for the worse. The Path to Prosperity budget tackles our generation’s greatest domestic challenge: reforming and modernizing government to prevent an explosion of debt from crippling our nation and robbing our children of their future.

“I am proud of my colleagues on the House Budget Committee who worked together to write and advance this budget, which puts our nation’s finances on a path to balance and pay off the debt. Much work remains, but today we are happy to say we have taken another step on the path to prosperity.”

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