Chairman Ryan on the Clarifying Choice Offered by U.S. Senate’s Budget Failures

President Obama and his party’s leaders fail to advance solutions, prove unfit to govern

Washington – On the 1,113th day since Senate Democrats last passed a budget, the U.S. Senate considered a series of budget resolutions, none authored or supported by a single Senate Democrat. The national debt has eclipsed the size of the entire U.S. economy, yet the Democrat-controlled Senate has failed to pass a budget for over three years. They chose again this year not to even propose a budget. While a series of Republican budget proposals received support today, the President’s Fiscal Year 2013 budget was rejected 0-99 – with every single Democrat and every single Republican voting against the President’s fiscal plan.

In response to today’s clarifying exercise on the Senate floor today, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan issued the following statement:

“The budget votes today in the Democrat-controlled Senate reveal a clear choice of two futures: painful austerity from politicians who refuse to lead and a path to prosperity from solutions-oriented reformers. Not only does this mark the third year Senate Democrats have failed to put forward a budget, it also marks the second year in which they joined Republicans in unanimously rejecting the President’s budget. In the past two years – in the House and the Senate, the President’s budgets have received zero votes in favor and 610 votes against. It is no surprise that Democrats up for reelection want nothing to do with the President’s massive increases in spending, taxing and borrowing. The fact that no Senate Democrat has voted in favor of a single budget resolution on the Senate floor in over three years is among the most embarrassing spectacles in Washington. 

“I thank Senate Budget Committee Ranking Member Jeff Sessions for his leadership on fiscal issues, and I applaud the efforts of Senators Toomey, Lee and Paul for advancing alternative budget proposals. Senate Republicans continue to advance and affirm bold solutions to the nation’s most urgent fiscal and economic challenges. Once again, Republicans are leading while the Democrats who run their party refuse to put forward solutions. Instead, they insist on recklessly spending billions of dollars we don’t have with no restraints and no accountability. The President and his party’s leaders refuse to tackle our generation’s defining challenge, choosing instead to repeat the mistakes of Europe with empty rhetoric, broken promises, and the growth-stifling folly of chasing ever-higher government spending with ever-higher tax increases. To find out where this path leads, just ask the Greeks.

“The Democrats who run their party are letting the country down. This is especially disappointing because there are some Democrats and Independent voices who have expressed a willingness to tackle our nation’s challenges in a bipartisan way with principled solutions. But Washington needs new leadership in the White House and the U.S. Senate in order to deliver these solutions to the American families who deserve them, and to ensure that we leave our children with a stronger nation than the one our parents left us.”

To learn more about The Path to Prosperity – the House-passed FY2013 budget – please visit: /fy2013Prosperity/

Of note: The Path to Prosperity received 41 more votes than the President’s budget in the U.S. Senate today and 228 more votes than the President’s budget in the U.S House of Representatives earlier this year.