Paul Ryan: President’s Health Care Law is Bad Policy and Must be Repealed

WASHINGTON – Earlier today, the House of Representatives voted on a bipartisan basis to repeal the president’s health care law.

Following the repeal vote, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan issued the following statement:

“Despite the Supreme Court upholding much of the health care law, it is not its role to determine the policy merits of the law. That falls to the elected representatives of the people. For that reason, the House acted to repeal this misguided law to begin replacing it with patient-centered solutions.

 “The president’s health care overhaul is already hurting workers, seniors, taxpayers and our future fiscal health. This law fails to slow down the unsustainable growth in health care spending and completely dodges the necessary reforms to preserve the Medicare guarantee for future generations of seniors. Its taxes, penalties, fees and regulations will stifle job creation and its budget gimmicks can’t hide the trillions of dollars of new government spending that will only cause our dire fiscal situation to further erode.

“We must advance common-sense solutions to tackle the challenges in health care by inviting choice and competition into the system. True reform will fix the inequities in our tax system while addressing the structural flaws in Medicare and Medicaid to give patients and doctors greater control of their health care decisions. We can provide universal access to health care without a budget-busting takeover by the federal government.

“With the right kind of leadership in place, I am confident that we can advance real health care solutions in this country. The power now rests with the American people to decide the ultimate fate of this disastrous law.”