Democrat Proposals Don’t Come Cheap

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Twenty Democrat presidential contenders debated for the first time this week and articulated their visions for the American people. In keeping with their progressive policy agenda, many of the proposals discussed would impose job-killing taxes on hardworking families and add trillions of dollars to our nation’s ballooning debt.

Here are some of the ideas Democrats championed over the two-night debate series:

Eliminating Existing Health Care Coverage & Imposing a One-Size-Fits-All, Single-Payer System

Potential Price Tag: $32 Trillion over ten years

Disrupting Every Sector of the Economy Without Meaningfully Addressing Climate Change

Potential Price Tag: $93 Trillion over ten years

Subsidizing College Tuition, Disproportionately Benefitting the Wealthiest Americans

Potential Price Tag: $1.25 Trillion over ten years

Handing Out a Monthly Stipend to Every Adult, “No Questions Asked”

Potential Price Tag: Unknown – However, one of the moderators in the debate estimated the proposal could cost $3.2 trillion per year.

How do Democrat presidential contenders plan to pay for these costly proposals? Many did not have an answer to that question. Those who did pointed to higher taxes – even on the middle class.

House Budget Republicans will continue to track budget busting proposals from Democrat lawmakers and presidential hopefuls. Stay tuned!