ICYMI: Ranking Member Womack Speaks in Opposition to H.Res. 6 Budget Provisions

WASHINGTON – Last night, House Budget Committee Ranking Member Steve Womack spoke on the House Floor in opposition to H.Res. 6—House Democrat’s rules package for the 116th Congress.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I rise today in opposition to H.Res 6.

I appreciate the gentleman from Massachusetts, Mr. McGovern, and the new majority leadership including items of budget process reform in this package to include the House Budget Committee Members elimination of term limits. And I hope there are other things we did as a joint, bipartisan committee – tried to get across the finish line – but were unable to do so. Perhaps we can work on some of those.

But Mr. Speaker, for the few bright spots that H.Res. 6 has, they in no way make up for the shortcomings. This package does not rise to fiscal responsibility.

First, it includes a new iteration of the Gephardt rule that’s been spoken about, increasing the debt limit even easier by automatically passing debt limit increases without separate debate and vote.

This package also replaces the existing budget enforcement rule, known as Cut-Go, with a Pay-Go rule that was in place when Democrats passed many programs in the past, like Obamacare, and added to our country’s debt burden.

To be clear, Pay-Go does not encourage fiscal discipline under a Democratic majority.

Finally, Mr. Speaker, H.Res. 6 reduces the threshold for passage of income tax increases on hard working Americans from a 3/5 to a simple majority vote.

I’m not surprised that the first step Democrats take in this process is surrendering the obligation to approve increases to the debt and enacting rules which make it easier to borrow and raise taxes.

I urge my colleagues to vote against this rules package. I yield back the balance of my time.