Medicare-For-All: The Price We’ll Pay

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Tomorrow the House Budget Committee will hold a hearing with the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to discuss its recent report on the risks of imposing a single-payer, one-size-fits-all health care system – much like Democrats’ Medicare-for-All proposal would do.

One thing that is notably absent from the report is an official cost estimate. That’s because House Democrats, who requested the report, did not ask for one.

Economists from across the ideological spectrum at George Mason University, the Urban Institute, and the American Action Forum produced studies confirming Medicare-for-All will cost at least $32 trillion  – on top of what the government already spends on health care.  With a price tag this large, the government would be forced to raise taxes or increase the debt burden on future generations.

At tomorrow’s hearing, Members and the public will hear directly from CBO about how imposing a single-payer, one-size-fits-all health care system will not just affect the budget, it will lead to longer wait times, fewer doctors, less access, and no choice.

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