Womack Requests Budget Committee Hearing on Harmful Impacts of Continuing Resolutions on the Military

WASHINGTON, D.C. – As Congress approaches the November 21st government funding expiration, Ranking Member Steve Womack (R-AR) today sent a letter to Chairman John Yarmuth (D-KY) requesting a House Budget Committee hearing on the harmful impacts of continuing resolutions (CRs) on the U.S. military. Since fiscal year 2002, the Department of Defense has operated under a CR 13 times.

Ranking Member Womack says in the letter:

“Noted budget and defense policy experts agree that CRs have significant harmful effects on our national security. These include major program delays and billions of dollars in wasteful spending — both of which hinder our military readiness to meet today’s challenges, and the ability to develop new capabilities to meet tomorrow’s emerging threats.”

He added:

“Respectfully, I request that the House Budget Committee hold a hearing as soon as possible on the harmful and negative impacts of CRs on the U.S. military. It is imperative that the Committee hear directly from the Department of Defense and other entities as appropriate to fully understand the consequences associated with failing to complete our constitutional obligations.”

Read Ranking Member Womack’s full letter here.